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What is Reseller Webhosting?

Over the last ten years one of the most popular terms that exists in the web hosting world is reseller web hosting but what exactly is it? This article will break down what web hosting resellers do so you will know if getting involved in reselling web hosting opportunity is right for you.

A Great Way to Make Money Online

Web hosting resellers can make money in a variety of different ways:

Affiliates – Many people are already reselling hosting from their websites as affiliates. In a web hosting affiliate program an individual earns a commission every time someone clicks on their affiliate link or banner and signs up for a hosting package.

Private Label Resellers – Getting started as a private label web hosting reseller is a smart choice for companies that want to sell hosting under their own brand. When someone commits to a hosting contract with the private label reseller they pay that company every month and the private label reseller pays the parent hosting company a small amount of money for that site every month.

Bulk hosting resellers – Many individuals who want to make money online are reselling their individual hosting space and bandwidth to customers under their own name since it’s never been easier than before for anyone to host potentially hundreds of websites for less than a few hundred dollars per month. Looks for deals such as Hostgator coupons. The only catch with this variant of the reselling web hosting is that when something goes wrong all of the customers that you sell to will be calling you for help instead of the hosting company. Especially with web hosting pay per month plans.

How to not Lose Money When Reselling Web Hosting

Before getting started as a web hosting reseller it’s important to verify that the company you’re going to align yourself with has been in business for a while and has a great reputation online. This is easy to do and only requires a simple search on Google or the Better Business Bureau’s website.

In the market for a month to month web hosting provider?

3 Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Own Minecraft Server

So you want to play minecraft with your friends and get away from the riff-raff you can encounter on the public servers? Well the good news is starting your own private minecraft server is easy and doesn't require a lot of hardware.

Before you jump in and sign up for just any server, there a few things to consider.

VPS or Deidcated?

If you only have a a couple of friends to play with you can host minecraft in your closet or on your home computer, however it may lag from time to time. A VPS (virtual private server) is a low cost option for smaller games. If you have more than a few friends that will be playing at once, a dedicated server is the option for you. Dedicated servers are more costly but will reduce server lag and allow for larger games.

OS and Software Requirements

You can set up minecraft on Windows servers, or Linux. The important factor is java 6. You'll need a java enabled server. You can even set up a minecraft server on Mac OSX however configuration is a little more tricky. IF this is your first server consider going with a minecraft hosting provider like GGServers. This will save you the headache of installing and setting up the game on a non-minecraft specific host

Running your own server can be cheap and easy. You don't have to worry about strangers coming in and messing with your games. You can keep games private so you can play with your friends only. Happy building!

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3 Factors That Will Increase The Value of Your Website

website worth

Whether you're thinking of flipping a website or you just want to know. The amount of money a site earns on a monthy basis is one one of the main determining factors of value. But there are other factors too. Even if your site makes no money it may still have value. According to online appraisal services there are a few things you can do to increase the overall worth of your website.

Social Reach

The more active your website is on the major social networks the higher value. Building, growing and cultivating strong accounts on the major social networks like Pinterest, TWitter and Facebook will greatly increase the overall value of your website

Organic Search Ranking

If you can rank in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing your website is worth more. You don't have to be on the first page. Just having a spot in the top 100 search results is enough to add value to your site.

It shows that your site is liked by the SERPS and an experienced SEO professional can probably get a top 5 ranking with a minimal effort.


You are only as strong as the sites that link to you. Building high quality backlinks from authority sites can increase your websites worth drastically. Network with bloggers and seek out guest posting opportunities. Every time some one links back to your site, it's value goes up!

These are just a few factors.There are, of course,many other factors that determine website value. Once you've tackled the three factors above use an online tool to determine your website worth. All you do is punch in your URL and they will give you a free estimate. Good luck and keep building!



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Work On Your Link Building Strategies With Professionals

When you own your own business, you really want to do everything within your power to promote your business as frequently and as widely as possible. That is really the key to a successful business: proper marketing. In the cyber marketplace, one of the best ways to get your business promoted as widely as possible is by teaming up with other businesses to offer reciprocal marketing. That is to say, there are plenty of business owners out there that are just like you and need a bit of help and you could scratch each other’s backs by helping the other to market their business. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to do this is by including links to other businesses on your website.

Small Businesses

Small business owners are almost a dying breed. Big money corporations have almost phased out the ambition that is needed in order to open, run, and maintain a small business and only those that are strong enough to brave the unknown are still around to fight the good fight. The interesting thing about this trend is the fact that the vast majority of our country consider buying from locally owned businesses to be helpful to the nation’s economy, yet not nearly as many of those people are actually willing to make the commitment to switch over to the same small businesses that they claim to support. It really is baffling and if you are a small business owner, it is also quite frustrating.

Beating The Odds

So, you already know that very few small businesses actually succeed in today’s marketplace, and now it is up to you to figure out your best strategy. Many business owners have found that teaming up with other business owners to advertise for each other is a great way to promote the small businesses in your area. By hosting keyword links on your webpage that take users to another small business, you are giving that business a chance to bring in a new customer. If your link building strategy skills are a bit weak, it isn’t a problem! There are plenty of companies out there that are specifically designed to walk you through the entire process, step by step.

In order to be the best, you need to be strong. By aligning yourself with other local businesses, you are creating a force that will attract many local customers. While local customers are great and may keep you floating, it really is important that you constantly expand your customer base. By using link building strategies, you can expand your customer base while also helping out a fellow business owner at the same time, and you will see the rewards.


Small Business SEO

Tips for Effective Link Building

An Online Medical Practice Needs Cyber Insurance

Frequently, it seems like anything and everything has been greatly influenced by the invention of the Internet. Most people might not think that a private practice in the world of medicine could possibly be changed by the Internet other than maybe billing and the accessing of medical records on a 24/7 basis. That assumption would not be entirely accurate. Online space can be utilized by the medical industry more than you may have assumed thanks to individuals who were resource minded.

No Receptionist, No Examination Rooms, No Waiting Room

Certainly, that could not possibly apply to a doctor’s office. Unless of course… It was an online doctor. Some of these online doctors operate on a flat fee type basis. For a certain annual charge their patients, as long as they reside in the doctor’s immediate area, are entitled to things like unlimited email or instant medicine consultations and let’s say, two house calls annually. Patients requiring any additional house calls may be subjected to a slight charge depending on the doctor. This is of course just an example of how these types of cyber medical practices run.

But does a cyber medical practice require specific cyber medical malpractice insurance? Truth be told, any practicing doctor needs malpractice insurance, whether they practice online or offline… Or both. And shopping for that medical liability insurance quote is no different than shopping for anything else these days. Just as with the medical practice itself, shopping is now done online in a much more efficient manner than in days of old.

Who Needs Malpractice Insurance?

Nurses, medical students, dentists, physicians assistants, surgeons and of course regular family practice physicians all need malpractice insurance. The chances that any of these people will always be covered by their employer is an assumption that is inaccurate at best. In fact as far as being covered by your employer, that only goes so far. If it is in the best interest of the institution and their legal representation to side with you and protect themselves by protecting you as well... you may be protected.

However, if there is any kind of discrepancy between your employer and yourself their legal representation has but one obligation... and that is to the institution itself. And just because a medical student is a student doesn’t mean that they are blameless if a crucial mistake is made. Particularly if the mistake that was made was done so as the result of a willful act. Some students do after all think that they have a pretty good handle on things even early on in the beginnings of what may or may not end up being their medical career.

Whether you are an online doctor or the old-fashioned kind that still has people actually come in so that you can not only view them, but touch and connect with them as well... you’re going to need malpractice insurance. So important is this kind of insurance that some areas require it by law, though not in any amount that would end up being anywhere near enough, worst-case scenario.

Get An Advance To Help Ease Start Up Costs

Starting a business is an awesome responsibility which comes with many uphill battles, comfortable plateaus and dangerous pitfalls. The cost of simply starting a business is enough to dissuade many. Unless you have recently fallen into a fortune, you may need a little bit of assistance coming up with enough of a cash flow with which to begin your business in earnest. So, to whom shall you go for the money you need? The bank? Don’t make me laugh.

Where Can You Go for Little Assistance?

A merchant cash advance is what many new business owners depend on with which to fund their startup costs. What do you look for in a company that centers its business around loaning people the money for their businesses? Well, they need to understand business and its need for growth, as well as the fact that a significant cash flow is required in order for that to happen. Whether you’re a large corporation, somewhere in the middle of the road or a small market business there is a need to be able to offer various options for financing. Nationwide support for their clients and unrivaled convenience is going to put a company like this ahead of all the others. And that support team should have a vast knowledge of its companies approval process, the guidelines by which financing is determined, and your needs for fast and easy approval allowing you to keep your business successful and strong with the necessary capital access. How long should this entire process take? Ideally, if you could receive approval for the money that you need in under a week that would be acceptable. An exceptional company however may give you the approval you need to access the needed funds in under five days and possibly even within just a couple of days of your application.

What Kind of Company Are You Dealing with?

Before you borrow money from anyone or any company, do yourself a favor and research them at length via the Internet and by word of mouth. The demands for cash flow within your business need to be met in a timely manner with solutions that are affordable and advice that is knowledgeable and informative. In addition to funds, you may need the support of these knowledgeable individuals to better assist you in more than one area as a type of ‘beginner’s guide to business ownership’. Can the loan company that you selected fill the bill?

No matter what your industry, the company that is responsible for loaning you your necessary funding should have a stellar reputation and be accessible in a manner which meets your needs.

Web Design Enhancement is Crucial for a Success

If you have ever done any online shopping, or even just visited a few websites looking for information, you likely have come across sites that are not very user friendly and a bit outdated. If you have come across one of these websites, you likely left it pretty quickly, in search of a company that knows what there consumers need. A website that is tough to navigate and that isn’t updated on a frequent basis is the equivalent of an old, beat up store front that needs care and may not have anything you are looking for. If you are an online business, it is very important to the survival of your business, that you keep your website as engaging and interesting as possible.

Keeping Things Fresh

Every day, more businesses make the move to the digital marketplace. If you want your business to be successful in the 21st Century, it is essential that you do the same. However, you cannot expect to simply set up a website, forget about it, and expect it to bring in revenue. In fact, if your website is outdated, potential consumers will just fly on by, without a second glance. While posting videos, pictures, even animated graphics will all give your website the appearance of a young company, staying fresh can be as simple as making sure that your inventory is updated on a frequent, even hourly, basis. Once a customer knows what you have to offer that day, that same customer can make an intelligent decision, when it comes to his choice of businesses to patronize.

User Friendly

Making sure that your website is user friendly is every bit as important, possibly even more so, as keeping your website up to date. Consumers are busy people and spending more time trying to figure out how to navigate through a website than it would to just walk into a retail location and buy the same item can turn that customer away from your business forever. If your website seems more like a maze than a store, you have a problem. It may seem silly, but when you are building your website, think of your potential customers as children. If you don’t think that a child could easily find the information they are looking for on your site, brainstorm how to make it easier. Yes, your customers are likely more intelligent, however, you never can be too sure.

If you enhance your webpage design by keeping your website fresh and friendly, you will see your business grow. The easier it is to navigate and the more it is updated, the sooner you will see your profits grow and the sooner you can start enjoying your success.

Making Money Online Means Time Management

One of the hardest aspects of starting a new online business is learning to manage your time efficiently. Since many startup online businesses are run from home offices, it is easy to let the distractions of everyday life get in the way of you focusing as much time and energy on your business, as you should. However, if you wish to have a successful online business, it is essential that you learn how to manage your time wisely.

Make a Schedule

When working from home, you should treat it no differently than walking into an office environment. That is to say, you should have scheduled breaks and lunches and you should do your best to focus only on your business. If you have certain goals that you would like to hit, schedule time to focus specifically on achieving those goals. If you cannot manage your time properly or come up with a schedule, it will be hard for you to address potential customers’ questions or concerns in a timely manner, which can lead to loss of revenue.

Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with your customers is essential to the success of your online business and if you are not responding to their questions or concerns in a timely manner, you may seem as if you are not interested in their business. As such, you must find time in your schedule every day, several times a day, to address these incoming emails from your customers. This can be fairly simple, when you first start out, but as you get more successful, this will be harder and harder to do. Once it gets to this point, you may want to look into employing email auto reply software to provide easy administration of high volumes of email just to ensure that you are responding to your customers, as quickly as possible.

If you cannot manage your time properly, your new online business is likely to fail fairly quickly. The bottom line is that no matter how comfortable you are working at home, you need to remember this is your job. Treating it as a job with a set schedule and goals will help you take your online business, as far as you are ready to go with it. Remember, it is up to you to make this work, and with a bit of time management, it is easy to make money.

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Promote Your Online Game Website with a PR Firm

Anytime you begin a new business endeavor, you run the risk of failing. For the most part, the reason businesses fail is that they don’t have the customers to bring in the profits they need to continue running. If you don’t want your new online game website to suffer the same fate, it is important that as many people as possible have a chance to see your game and experience it for themselves. If you have been unsuccessful at generating the amount of visitors that you were expecting, it may be time to hire a public relations (PR) firm.

Why a PR Firm?

PR firms make their living making sure that others succeed. What this means for you is that PR firms will do anything it takes to make sure that your site is in front of as many eyes as possible, as quickly as possible. In order to do this, PR firms will get very creative. For example, content development firms may even be able to get you some advertising on a space shuttle, like they were able to do for the movie Last Action Hero! In other words, there really is no limit to what can be accomplished by a PR firm, when you have the resources to make it happen.

Finding a PR Firm

If you are searching the internet to find an online firm, you will very quickly see that there are more than a few to choose from. As you are reviewing the different firms, you will quickly realize that they all claim to be the best and that they all feel they are the best firm for your business. If you find yourself wanting to buy their service just from what you see on their site, you have just proved why PR firms can work for your business. Since promotion is their bread and butter, every PR firm site should make you want to buy their services. However, if you want a more objective opinion, ask around! Ask your fellow entrepreneurs, who they have used in the past. Search for user reviews of the sites you are interested in and see what other people have to say.

PR firms can absolutely make your business successful and profitable. You will likely need to pay a bit for their services, but in the end, it is usually worth it. If you have something that someone else will want, but just can’t get the word out, PR firms will be happy to do so, making it worth any money you will have to pay. When your site is names the best of the year, though, suddenly those fees won’t seem so steep. So, let the games begin!

Get Your Business Off On the Right Foot

Staring a new business is in some ways a leap of faith. but it does not have to be an uncalculated one. New business owners who plan carefully can alleviate some of the surprises, which always seem to occur as a new business finds its way. Finances are the most important factor, for a new business venture. Your business plan must address how you plan to pay for things, even if you are not profitable, at first. There are government and private loan sources available and many businesses rely on them during startup or expansion.

The Numbers

In the planning stages of your business, it is important to analyze the market you are entering. This includes asking yourself the tough questions like, is there a need for your business and if so, who is your primary market. Next, you should identify your competition; this is a crucial step, when it comes to many factors, such as settling on a location for your business. You are the new kid on the block, if there is a similar business close in proximity, you may be wise to choose another location. On the other hand, you could take the competition as inspiration, there is a market and your job is to woo those customers away from the existing business. If you choose that route, be prepared to prove yourself immediately. Identifying yours, as well as your competitions strengths and weaknesses, is important in a highly competitive environment. Aside from local competitions, location is important for other reasons; if you need supplies, you should be close to your supply source or at least easily accessible. You should locate your business in a customer-friendly location. Doing the hard work in the beginning will give you the best possible chance for success.

The Look and Feel

Once you are ready to move forward with your new business, you can do many things to make your business breed a successful environment. Assembling a good team is key. You can’t fix every problem or handle every task alone. You need dependable employees and you need to trust them to perform. Defining your organizational structure is a must. Even in a small organization, knowing who is responsible for what helps alleviate confusion. Your public image is the first impression potential clients have of your business. Things like the artwork for offices, lobbies and heavy traffic areas, may seem incidental; however, the right artwork gives a warm impression to clients. It can also convey a message about your company. There are even benefits for employees, a visually stimulating environment gives workers a boost and breaks up the monotony. Although, often overlooked, the work environment is an important factor in the success of a business.

If you have analyzed and prepared yourself, you have a good chance at launching a successful business.

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