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Make Money Online

Make Money Online - A Step-by-Step Guide

This is a nuts and bolts guide to making money online by building affiliate style blogs.  We won't be diving into technical details, but with this guide you will have a tested and proven blueprint to follow.

How much money will you make?  How fast will you make it?  Well...most of that depends on what you know now, how many hours you put into this, and how fast you learn on the job.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's an actual business strategy used by thousands of other successful online marketers.  The mindset of successful affiliate marketers is this:  Others have done it, I can do it.  I will work every available waking hour until I succeed.

Just like any new business venture, things tend to start slow.  If you turn a profit in your first month, you've done very well.  If it takes you 3 months, you're still ahead of most beginners.  If you are smart, have a strong work ethic, dedicate a great deal of time, and you are not easily discouraged - you can be earning an actual living in 6-12 months.

mycheckAs the owner of hundreds of web sites and an experienced online marketer, I can tell you that any site you build that generates a positive income of $200+ a month is great.  When you become good at this, you can average $100/mo per site.   If you build hundreds, you'll end up with a few gems producing over $1000/mo - but those are few and far between for me.

In this guide we will be covering the bread and butter of online affiliate marketing:  blogs + free traffic.  WordPress blogs have numerous advantages to typical html/css/php web sites.  With WordPress you have a free content management system that gives you ease of use, database management capabilities, tons of useful plugins, and a high degree of flexibility.  Once you are comfortable with WordPress and this guide, you will be able to launch dozens of 100-1000 page web sites in a single week.  By free traffic I mean search engine users primarily, but also:  links on other blogs and social sites.

Part 1 - Affiliate Marketer Basics

1. Brains - if you are clueless about business, marketing, blogging, network administration, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, and search engine marketing this is going to be a difficult road for you.  If you have a level of expertise with any of the above, you can fill in your missing knowledge as you go.

Whatever your beginning knowledge may be, prepare yourself to learn much more.  You will be the real asset of your online business.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and use the web to find answers.  Stick to it, it gets easier, but the learning never really stops.  Look at the bright side: learning is exercise for your brain.

2. An interest - you'll need something you enjoy talking about.  Sports, crafts, cats, tax preparation, whiter teeth, perfume, movies... you get the idea, anything.  When you launch your first few sites, they should all be targeted to a niche that interests you.  You will be the useful draw of your site.  Give your knowledge freely and provide products of interest to your target market.  Later on, you can tackle subjects that don't interest you - but for now stick with something you enjoy talking about.

3. A web site - if you already have hosting or a server you will need to buy a domain from somewhere like GoDaddy (Godaddy Coupons).  If you are purchasing hosting for the first time, the 3 web hosting companies recommended in the chart above offer a free domain name.  Choose a name relevant to your niche, while still short and concise.  As an example, if your niche was home theater set ups, you might choose a name such as:  ReelHomeTheater.com or YourHTGuy.com.  If you need help finding an available name you like, try the domain suggestion tool.  Avoid dashes and stick with .com, .net, or .org.  Keep in mind, if visitors like your site - they will remember the name, but not the TLD (extension).  It's likely that if you are a .net or .biz -- people looking for your site will find whoever owns the .com version of your name.

4. Hosting - you need a place to stick your web site that can run 24/7 and be available to visitors 99.9% of the time.  For $7 a month you can get this covered.  iPower, StartLogic, and FatCow are all good choices.  In addition to offering a free domain registration, being reliable, inexpensive, and fast they all offer easy WordPress installation.  You'll have 24/7 customer support, so if you have questions about installing a blog or other hosting questions -- contact them, don't email me!  Cautions:  do not use free hosting and make sure you own your own domain name.

5. Affiliate relationships - unless you already have stuff to sell, you need to join affiliate networks that offer a range of products for you to choose from.

What is an affiliate network? An affiliate network is a company that brings advertisers (products) and publishers (you) together.  You select products from the network to sell.  Whenever a sale takes place, you get paid.  This is a billion dollar industry.  You will need a Tax ID Number to join a network.  You can use your social security number or you can incorporate quickly using delawareinc.com ($10 off).

* You will also need a showpiece web site.  This is the site that the affiliate network will look at to determine if they allow you to join.  An attractive blog with a few dozen pages of content revolving around one particular niche should do the trick.

Start with CommissionJunction (CJ) and Shareasale.  These are 2 of the biggest affiliate networks and they both offer datafeeds.

6. A working knowledge of manipulating datafeeds using a server side coding language.  Datafeeds are digital product catalogs complete with pictures, descriptions, and your embedded affiliate links.

Did I just hear you gulp?  Hehe, don't worry - you can skip the months-to-years of work this requires by joining DatafeedR.  It's $27/mo for 1 site and you can easily upgrade to bigger plans later:  $47/mo for 5 sites, $67/mo for 10 sites, and $97/mo for unlimited sites.  This plugin allows you to get a web store up and running in less than one hour - once you know what you are doing.  For now, be happy with 3-5 days for an up and running site (not including promotion).

* This is the powerful step most would-be online marketers are missing.  Imagine blogging (writing) about 1000 different products, finding an affiliate offer, creating redirects for your links, finding pictures, and posting each of those 1000 entries to your blog.  If you can do that, you have a money making site.  This is the tedious, time consuming path most online marketers start with, if you start with datafeeds, you are months ahead of the game.

If you can automatically manipulate a datafeed, you can create a 1000 page site full of products in minutes not months.  DatafeedR was built specifically for this purpose.  You can write your own code (if you have the expertise), you can hire someone to write the code, but trust me -- the time and money invested would be steep.  Even if you can write code, DatafeedR is one hellofa shortcut.

7. Time for action.  Now, right now - choose a niche (Step 2), choose a domain name (Step 3), and pick your hosting company (Step 4).  Sign up and claim your domain name.  Once you have a hosted domain, login to your hosting provider and find the control panel.  Look for something like 'software' ---> 'Fantastico' ----> 'Install WordPress'.  Follow the steps, if you get confused contact your 24/7 host support or use your favorite search engine to find answers.

Once you have successfully installed your blog - start posting!  Write some articles about the chosen topic.  Create an 'About' page.  Learn how to upload pictures and place them in your posts.  Share your knowledge and excitement about your topic, don't worry about sales pitches - be useful & informative.

Just use one of the default templates, don't worry about a logo or anything yet.  Concentrate on content.  Ideally you should have 15+ posts of 300+ words, each with an attractive relevant picture.  This blog will be the one you show to the affiliate networks for acceptance.  In Part 2 we'll be covering the fastest ways to make your site look sexy and expensively designed.  Don't worry about that now, just create lots of unique content.


This ends the Make Money Online Step-by-Step Guide Part 1.


Once you have a website, WordPress installed, and 15+ posts/pages fill in the form below for the rest of the guide.  It's free just like Part 1.  I'll check out your site and if it's ready, you can start on Part 2.  Get to work!

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