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3 Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Own Minecraft Server

So you want to play minecraft with your friends and get away from the riff-raff you can encounter on the public servers? Well the good news is starting your own private minecraft server is easy and doesn't require a lot of hardware.

Before you jump in and sign up for just any server, there a few things to consider.

VPS or Deidcated?

If you only have a a couple of friends to play with you can host minecraft in your closet or on your home computer, however it may lag from time to time. A VPS (virtual private server) is a low cost option for smaller games. If you have more than a few friends that will be playing at once, a dedicated server is the option for you. Dedicated servers are more costly but will reduce server lag and allow for larger games.

OS and Software Requirements

You can set up minecraft on Windows servers, or Linux. The important factor is java 6. You'll need a java enabled server. You can even set up a minecraft server on Mac OSX however configuration is a little more tricky. IF this is your first server consider going with a minecraft hosting provider like GGServers. This will save you the headache of installing and setting up the game on a non-minecraft specific host

Running your own server can be cheap and easy. You don't have to worry about strangers coming in and messing with your games. You can keep games private so you can play with your friends only. Happy building!

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Our Take on FatCow

FatCow is growing to be a popular hosting service among webmasters online. The service has been around for some time now but it is gaining popularity as one of the premier choices for webmasters looking for quality service without serious complications or dropping through hoops. This service has a variety of beneficial features for most webmasters including a unique domain name, different levels of the hosting services along with features that match up with some of the most popular platforms on line like WordPress and others.

Important Choices for All Webmasters

The most important thing to do is to review and evaluate your own blog to decide if this hosting service has all of the features you will need for your particular website or blog. The needs of a blog will differ from the needs of a media website, social networking site or news aggregate. It is important to remember that reliability, simplicity and extensive surfaces are important in any hosting provider you end up choosing. These are things that FatCow can offer webmasters with any interests or niches online.

Why choose FatCow?

FatCow is growing in popularity for good reason. But this doesn't mean that it will be the best choice for your particular website. Take the time to review the features and see how comfortable you will be with the service meeting your individual needs on the website. FatCow is a reputable service that has the capability to handle the most popular and intricate websites with social interaction.  They also have options to make it easy for the most novice Internet users to get a blog or website setup within a day as well. The customer service is attentive and exceptional as the website designs are simple and professional as well.  This service has the flexibility and capability to support websites or blogs in almost any niche online.

Take the time to make your own informed decision about the best hosting service for your website. There are many services that are just as good as the other, really it all depends on your level of expertise on the internet, the type of website you are planning to run and the price tag involved of course. The features and services are typically the same among the major brands all though some are more complicated than others. Choosing FatCow is pretty straight forwards and webmasters have all the tools they need regardless of their level of expertise. The service is reliable, reputable and gaining popularity amongst expert and novice webmasters alike.

It’s Not Hard to Find Hosting . . .

If you're looking for good minecraft server hosting, though, you'll have to look a little bit harder. While there are plenty of hosting companies around, not all of them are great, and they won't all help you get your message across to the masses in the right way. Reliability is important.

Getting a Good Host

If you really want to get a good web host, you should consider web hosting reviews. While they might not all be legitimate, many of them provide what you need to know about specific companies. Look for reviews that provide you with actual detail, so you know the person is someone who is really reviewing the hosting company, such as NetDepot.

What do You Need to Know?

Bandwidth is important. How much you're getting will let you know how big of a site you can have, how fast it will load, and the likelihood of it "going down" if too many people are on the server at once. Because you're sharing space, it's not just about your site. Overall, consider web hosting reviews to help you find good companies.


Don't underestimate smaller companies. They can help you get what you need at a good price. Just make sure they're reliable, so they don't leave you hanging.

How to install Python library on web hosting server?

I need to use a Python library that is not available on my web hosting server. What is the probable procedure to get it to work? Put the necessary files in my cgi-bin? Ask the host to install it globally or only for me? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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